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Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

By March 3, 2021March 11th, 2021Personal Insurance

Ways to Save Money When Purchasing Auto Insurance

Most insurance companies offer discounts that can put money in your pocket. An independent insurance agent can explain available discounts and whether you are eligible. Here are some ideas and ways to help you save money when purchasing auto insurance:

Ask about the deductible. You may be able to reduce the price of your insurance by raising your deductibles, but you should first decide how high a deductible you can afford to pay if you have a claim.

Drive safe. A good driving record can help keep your rates down. Try to avoid accidents where you’re at fault and avoid moving violations like speeding. Insurers may charge you less, and you may have more companies to choose from, if you’re a good driver.

A family that insures together … You may be entitled to a discount for insuring all your family cars on one policy. You can also save by “bundling” your car and home insurance with the same company.

Drive less, save more. Do you carpool to work, use mass transit, or leave your car in a garage most of the time? Let your agent know. If so, you may get a discount.

To forgive is divine. Some companies won’t raise your rate for your first accident when you’re at fault if your driving record until then is clean. Ask your insurance agent about “accident forgiveness.”

Telematics. Most companies are offering discounts for being a safe driver. Ask us to explain more details.

As your independent insurance agent, we can help you find the auto coverage that best meets your personal and family insurance needs. He or she can also help handle your claim, resolve billing questions, update coverage as your needs change, and explain your insurance in language that is easy to understand. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Information courtesy PIA of Kentucky.

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